35 Dunmore Avenue, Chippingham
Clinic: M/Thurs/Sat by appointment • Adopt: M-S 11am-3pm • Shelter: M-Th & Sat 8:30am-4pm, Fri: 8:30am-1pm


Due to the severe overcrowding at The Bahamas Humane Society, we are immensely grateful for airlift rescue missions. It takes an tremendous amount of teamwork and a huge investment but it is worth it to relieve the conditions at the BHS and to offer our potcakes and cats an opportunity for a life in a loving home.

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Most of the dogs and cats that we send away are rescued from the starvation and pain and suffering on the cruel streets of Nassau. They have been severely abused or neglected. Through the BHS, we nurse them back to health, socialize them and get them fit and ready for adoption.

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