35 Dunmore Avenue, Chippingham
Clinic: M/Thurs/Sat by appointment • Adopt: M-S 11am-3pm • Shelter: M-Th & Sat 8:30am-4pm, Fri: 8:30am-1pm


Donate and save lives! Without you we wouldn’t be able help all the cats and dogs in need.

The Bahamas Humane Society relies on donations from you to help us care for animals. With your support, we will be able to meet our mission of enriching the lives of companion animals and people through animal sheltering, programmes, and community engagement. Please help.

Best method:

Pay securely using your credit or debit card

Donation Amount


or email b_humane@hotmail.com or phone 242-323-5138 or 242-325-6742

Bank transfer

Bahamas Humane Society –

First Caribbean, Corporate Banking Centre (24667)

Acct # 1086176

Swift Code: FCIBBSNS

Please email:  b_humane@hotmail.com to notify us so we can watch out for it.


P.O. Box N-242, or hand deliver to the shelter

Cash – hand deliver to the shelter

Donate Using PayPal


To donate via Venmo:
Venmo@Bahamas Humane Society
username: BahamasHumaneSociety

To donate via PayPal using email:

Donate via: Friends of The Bahamas Humane Society

Other ways to help:


• Donate supplies. See our wishlist.

• Become a member

• Volunteer

• Foster an animal

How to become a member
Membership fees are:
$30 individual;
$75 family;
$10 junior (under 18); 
$1,000 life;
and $500 corporate. 

Fees can be submitted by any of the above methods.  Please also email bhslinda@gmail.com along with b_humane@hotmail.com to confirm payment.  The membership form is attached and also available here: https://www.bahamashumanesociety.com/membership/

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  1. I’m making a donation stopping on the island on my way back to Colorado
    I want to let you know there is a really sweet calico female cat at the pink octopus yacht-club Looks young and hungry and hoping that this donations can be applied to you guys going to rescue her

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