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  1. Hello, I’m sure you get asked this a lot but I’m currently in the Bahamas and I was saddened to see how thin and dejected the Surrey horses look in nassau. It was baking hot yesterday and they really all looked to be struggling to pull the carts. I couldn’t see any water or food for them in the stands and they were all thin. Do they get monitored ? Are there any plans to reform the service ? Where do the horses live ? If there’s any way I can donate to help please let me know ! I know you do a fab job here 🙂 thanks livvy

  2. Hi,
    We do indeed hear these concerns often!
    The horses go for a monthly inspection with the Ministry of Agriculture,
    Ministry of Tourism, a vet from the Min of Ag, and at least one
    representative from the BHS. It’s not ideal but it does nip some
    problems in the bud and get things treated that need to be.
    The government has been talking about a national stable for the horses
    as right now they go home to stalls, often concrete and not well kept,
    at the end of a day. I’m not sure how far those plans have progressed.
    I’m not sure how best to donate to assist them directly, unless you’d
    like to donate to the BHS so we are able to stay open and keep sending
    someone to the inspections!
    Thanks for caring about our animals!

  3. Thankyou for your help ! I shall def donate and hope that the situation gets sorted for these animals soon 🙁 x

  4. On Fri., July 25, 2014 I got off my cruise ship to go shopping in Nassau. Once you exit the cruise port you see over a dozen carriage horses for tourist to go around on Nassau. These horses are hot, drinking dirty water, and not fed all day. Most of them are very bony looking. One horse in particular had its hoof up at 1:30 when I saw it. When I returned at 5:00 the poor horse still had the same hoof up. I approached a official and they talk to the owner. As I watched the official was laughing with him and then told me the horse looked good. He DIDN’T. They said they have to wait until Mon. for someone to look at the horse. So, now the poor horse has to go 2-days walking on an injured hoof. A store owner told me that the these horses are abused, not taken care of, and the Gov’t won’t do anything for these poor horses. It’s clear they are not being treated properly and NEED HELP!!!! PLEASE DO SOMETHING. I don’t have any photos because the owner and his friends harassed me and I was scared. These horses don’t deserve to stand in the hot heat, injured, little no water, or drinking no water, not being fed, and then have to carriage around horsed. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE!!!! They look miserable when you seen them….

  5. Thanks for caring about our animals, Lisa!
    The surreys have been an ongoing issue for people. Unfortunately, we do not have a lot of clout when it comes to their upkeep, though we do send people to the inspections each month and are able to keep animals off the road based on those. When injuries happen between inspections, we don’t always see them. The government has been speaking about a national stable for some time now so we’ll see what happens with that. In the meantime, please feel free to write and voice your concerns to the Ministry of Tourism (and cc us!).

  6. It appears as though my post has been deleted!! The kitten I adopted from BHS had worms as well as feline mange/scabies. PLEASE people if you adopt from BHS have your animal examined by a private Vet before taking it home, they misdiagnosed the mange/feline scabies on my poor kitten causing him much agony and pain!!!! The fact that my post doesn’t show up anymore just shows that they are hiding this instead of treating these poor animals!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi, Allison,
    I deleted your post partly because I’d replied to it by email and partly because it was all in capitals which is considered screaming in internet-speak. I have forwarded your return email to our shelter manager who will contact you with regards to your adoption once he is back in the office. I am sorry for the experience you’ve had adopting from us. ~ Linda

  8. Don’t hurt the dogs. They aren’t alone, scared, and not sure of how they’ll get their next meal because they want it that way. Use pepper spray until you get someone to pick them up.

  9. Hi we are in the Meliá hotel and there are a lot Of kitties here. Im afraid that theta could bother some guests and the autorities Of the hotel could do something bad to them.

  10. A stray dog followed me home. We don’t live on the island. He is so loyal and kind. It would be the best dog. Does anyone need a dog. He is a potcake but he looks like Australian Shepored mix. Let me know soon

  11. Hello, I emailed you a couple of times regarding adopting a kitten. I have gotten no response since then. Every time I call, the lady was busy with another client. I was interested in the kitten Leroy. Please email me @ camillia.mcweeney@gmail.com


  12. Is there a dog control department anywhere in Nassau ? Been chased by angry dogs various times, avoiding those roads now but there’s now an Alsatian roaming hart street that’s got off its rope it’s normally attached to in the garden, can’t avoid my own home but it’s been barking aggressively when tied up and dnt feel comfortable going out there with it loose, already been in our back yard

  13. Hello can yall please come masons addition
    Saxaons way dead end for these new born puppies that these stray potcake dog had and they are in the front of my yard please someone needs to do something about this becuase we have potcakess
    Around my area in the same dead end corner that I live that causing major breeding problems
    I called and ask for help before with humane society and thir was no response or help with this problem there is breed of potcakes in my area the mother who is causing this and we have a new litter of puppies that are now born some needs to do something becuase at night I.can’t not sleep
    Becuase of these dogs please contact me for the location were I live 1(242)8033269

  14. Hi, Brandon, I am passing this on to one of our inspectors. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.
    If no one comes by the end of the week, please call 323-1538 and speak to Inspector Percy Grant.

  15. As a sailor I found it distasteful the comment made to the Tribune “I know there are a lot of silly sailors that go and feed them alcohol to try and get them drunk but that’s not to mistake them with the tour operators based out of Nassau who have treated them with excellent care.”

    You’ve publicly denounced all sailors as being silly and irresponsible while pointing out the tour operators as flawless environmentalists. We often see the opposite of what you’ve described in your accusations. There are many sailors that respect the ocean, wildlife and the local communities.

    Your statement is simply unfair, please in the future don’t be so hasty to call out the sailing community which spends a lot of money in the Bahamas, especially during the winter.

  16. Good morning. I’m wondering if you board animals (cats to be exact ) or if you know of affordable places which do so ..

    Thank you

  17. I moved away 10 years ago and recently came home for a visit. Every single night here I haven’t been able to sleep because the neighbors dog barked all night, non-stop, and dragged its bowl back and forth.

    My mother says the dog has been on the same 5ft long chain since it was a puppy and is never allowed to roam, in its own enclosed back yard. It also has no covered shelter, no toys, is never played with, and has no companion.

    Of course, I’m completely exhausted from lack of sleep but, I have two adopted dogs of my own and couldn’t imagine them being mistreated this way. My husband and I went over to the gate where the dog was chained and it’s such a sweetheart. It was terrified of us at first but immediately calmed. As soon as we left him, he started barking frantically.

    If there is no specification on dogs not being constantly chained, without companions or toys or social interaction, left in the baking sun and pouring rain, then there must be a specification about CONSTANT barking. It is the most pitiful sound and it has only stopped for maybe a few hours at a time.

    To find the home take a right off Fox Hill road onto Pine Yard Road. Go west on Pine Yard Road and then take a right on Pepe Avenue. The street signs are turned incorrectly but, take the first right on Rico Avenue and it’s the White House at the end of the street. It sometimes has a champagne colored Hyundai SUV in front and a bus in the yard.

  18. I just built a home in Exuma and would like to know how I can bring my dog from Atlanta to the island when I come. What are the procedures?

  19. Just querying the upkeep of the Towne Hotel parrot, Downtown Nassau. Very long claws, restricting movement, tiny cage, dirty water and behaviours I consider of an under stimulated animal. I’m unsure of who to make aware of this, but certainly worth a look at.

  20. Contact the Ministry of Agriculture for an import permit. You will need a health certificate from your local vet dated 48 hours before your flight, and you will need then to see a vet upon arrival here. there are no extra papers required for inter-island transport.

  21. Hello, My name is Kyndace. I found this kitten in my outside garbage crying in the rain two days ago. I wasn’t sure if keeping him would be a good idea. He has been eating all throughout his stay here but I haven’t seen him pass a thing. He’s really small and a slight bit skinny. I wanted to bring him to the humane society because I don’t think we’ll be able to take care of this little guy and he’s too small to be on his own outdoors. Can I bring him in?

  22. Does the Humane Society offer shelter/ housing for animals if needed during the storm or can recommend where please? With Irma coming I will need assistance. I have called several times with no answer.

  23. I thought you would like to know you misspelled the word “becuase”. Silly mistakes are a pet peeve of mine and they can ruin your website’s credibility. In the past I’ve used a tool like SpellingScan.com to keep mistakes off my website.

    -Scott Matthews Sr

  24. I’m leaving for holiday off-island for a week or so and needs to have my pets cared for whilst I’m gone. My friend suggested BHS – could you please let me know the cost and procedure to check my pets? I’m coming back for them (not for adoption!).

  25. Hi, Stephanie, Sorry for the delayed reply. The BHS only does cat boarding. You would need to check with Pet Heaven or one of the vets’ offices for dog boarding.

  26. Hello! We are just here on vacation and saw a really skinny dog behind Franky Gone Banana near W Bay St. We bought him some food, but we think he was too afraid to eat in front of us. We hope he ate it after we left. Anyway, we are wondering if there is any organisation that can help. I would be happy to offer a donation of course, we just want to make sure this poor animal is being assisted. Thanks!

  27. Hi, Etienne, Thanks for caring about our animals! I can ask the ambulance driver to keep an eye out, though we mainly deal with the sick and injured. Donations can be made through the orange button at the top of the page, or by coming in to the shelter if you are still on the island!

  28. Hello there please can you help this poor potcakes puppy here on Cedra Terrace off Gladstone Rd, every time I love at him I want to cry. I went to pet him and notice them he looked like he got beat up by another dog and I think he has the mange. Its such a young pup please can u help

  29. There is a blonde stray dog that hangs out by Anthony’s. She is very friendly. There is a young girl that is ready willing and able to adopt the dog. She will pay to have the dog shipped to the United States. We see her there all the time and do not understand why the Humane Society does not seem to have any interest in helping to catch the dog and ship her to the girl. The locals scared the girl away when she was trying to catch the dog for the Humane Society. What can we do to help facilitate this transacti there is a blonde stray dog that hangs out by Anthony‘s. She is very friendly. There is a young girl that is ready willing and able to adopt the dog. She will pay to have the dog shipped to the United States. We see her there all the time and do not understand why the Humane Society does not seem to have any interest in helping to catch the dog and ship her to the girl. The locals scared the girl away when she was trying to catch the dog for the Humane Society. What can we do to help facilitate the dog to get to the girl.

  30. DO SOMETHING ASAP!!! I was just in port on one of the Cruise Ships. Disgusted to see the abuse of the horses. They were being harassed by locals, they looked malnourished and dehydrated. They also had signs of scars and open sores. DO SOMETHING ASAP!!

    There are obvious signs of abuse.

    Other passengers were from other ships were also commenting on the abuse of the horses.

  31. Can you share any updates on the rental ponies on Harbour Island beach? I rode there appropriately 20 years ago and the ponies appeared to be well-nourished and in no obvious distress, though it was during the winter. I’m saddened to learn of the situation since then. I am a horse owner and would never support a situation involving animal neglect.

    I pray that this has been resolved for the good of the ponies.

    Thank you.

  32. Hi, I visit George Town every year and this year (last week) I fell in love with a potcake who is homeless and still a puppy. Is there anyway we can adopt her and have her flown to the United States?

  33. I just got back from a cruise and we stopped at Nassau and am appalled at how the horses that pull the carriages were being treated. They had no water and they were trying to drink out of empty buckets. They were being whipped with a stick for no reason. I got into it with one of the men and he got in my face so I backed off. I am going to contact the animal rights groups also here in the United States. God knows what they do to them when people aren’t around!! They are skinny and they bite I would bite also if I were treated like that. You must do something to stop this!!!!!!!

  34. Hello, I just got back from the Bahamas and I was saddened and heart broken to see how thin and dejected the Surrey horses look in Nassau. It was hot and they all looked to be struggling and sad to pull the carts. I couldn’t see any water or food for them in the stands and most were thin. Do they get monitored? Are there any plans to end the service? How can this be allowed? This does not seem like a good life at all for God’s animals.

  35. Hello,
    I am a fist time visitor to Nassau and have noticed many stray dogs. We are
    staying across from Junkanoo Beach and have seen at least 6 stray dogs,
    sometimes together and sometimes alone. Seeing these dogs not only makes my
    daughter and I nervous, but also upsets us to see mangy, thin dogs roaming
    the streets. These dogs could be carrying diseases as well as be dangerous.
    I wondered if Nassau has animal control or what is done about these strays.

  36. Hi:
    Every time I visit the Bahamas I see stray dogs on the streets. On February 8,2019 I was in a bus called The Majestic taking us to the Coral in Atlantis. I saw a puppy black lab in a junkyard wondering around aimlessly. It was a busy narrow street around KFC I think the street was Marathon Street. Maybe someone could go look?
    Take care…. good luck with all your work.
    Maybe the Bahamas would invest in a neuter spay bus for you. We have them here in NJ.

  37. Good morning are you open now. A stray pup in my neighborhood was hit last night by a car and I want to bring her in. Her hind legs same broken. If you help her i would surly donate and keep her. My Son has been feeding her.my whatsapp is 4543876. Please help

  38. Good morning, can you can remove a stray dog from our area (Anna’s Way) today? The stray dog is very sickly looking and my neighbors are having a very important cook out and I don’t want to dog to cause a disturbance.

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