Four Happy Girls find a home

Happy girl twoFour Happy girlsThe BHS always has too many dogs in the adoption kennels, but, two weeks ago it was a special day when FOUR girls found a home all together, with a big yard, lots of Shade trees and cool water to drink, fresh food to eat and a forever home.
At the 1840 property in Nassau town called Jacaranda that is presently being refurbished to become a boutique hotel and restaurant. There is a very spacious garden for them to play in with a very secure and high wall.
I went to pay them a visit today, and I was so touched and happy to see them all playing together tails wagging, running, digging, and relaxed.
JoJo and Celi (formally Josephine and Celine) were two shy girls who had been at the shelter ever so long because they would let people approach them, they were so timid and afraid, Somebody must have cut JoJo’s tail off when she was younger.
However, these two girls will now allow their new owner to touch them (but I could get too close) on the other hand GiGi ( formally Ginger) was a happy friendly sole showing me around the garden aided by Jackie of Jacaranda the puppy who ran ahead
and rolled over tirelessly.
Their new owner told me that she was really impressed with the great condition these dogs were in when she adopted them with shinny coats, and well fed…Kudos to the BHS for taking such great care of them, she told me !!!
Publicly I’d like to thank our staff and volunteers at the Shelter who work tirelessly with the adoption animals…it’s not always easy ! Another job well done with a happy ending…

JoJo and Celi near one of their many shelters in the garden. Jackie of Jacaranda taking time out !

GiGi and Jackie GiGi, what a happy face.