2015 Summer Fun Photography Contest

Pull out your cameras and start taking those holiday photos!  The BHS 2015 Summer Fun Photography Contest is underway!  We invite you to participate in this annual photo contest, sponsored by Mr. Photo and Bahamas Local.  Photographers of all ages and skill levels can enjoy this fun event.  There are many different wonderful subjects to chose from for your entries.
Are you:
1. an aspiring photographer (age 10 and under)
2. a junior photographer (age 11 – 16)
3. an adult (age 17 and up)
or 4. a professional (who makes a living through photography)?
Then choose a subject and start taking your photos!
Subject categories include:
1. Potcakes
2. Animals
3. Nature
4. Marvelous Faces
5. Vacation Snapshots
6. Underwater
7. The Bond (any connection: between animals, between animals and people)
Special Category for 2105:
1. Rescue Story – The story of the rescue must be attached to the photograph.  You can also include a before/after photo if you are able.  Age groups do not apply to this special category.
Entry Requirements:
1. An entry fee of $10.00 per image.
2. Each entry must be submitted as an 8×10 dry mount (Mr. Photo can do this).
3. Attach an entry form to the back of each photo.
4. Entries must be submitted by September 4th, 2015.
Print Drop-Off Locations:
1. Mr. Photo – at any one of the three locations (Palmdale; Oakes Field; Market & Bay)
2. Bahamas Humane Society Shelter – Chippingham – 323-5138
3. Graham Real Estate – Shirley Street and Victoria Avenue – 356-5030
4. Windermere West – Caves Village – 327-6135
5. Windermere East – Harbour Bay – 393-8788
Prizes and Awards Evening:
Saturday, September 12th at 6 p.m. at the Nassau Yacht Club.
The Bahamas Humane Society will hold a cocktail event with the winning photos on display.  Ribbons will be awarded to the top three in each category and age level.  All entries will be available to be seen!  The 6 p.m. event is free with a cash bar.
Dinner tickets will be available for a poolside BBQ to begin at 7:30 after the awards.
More information can be found here: