PLEASE NOTE: The Adopt-a-Thon dates have changed to Friday, September 6th and Saturday, September 7th.

Looking to adopt? Unable to get to the Shelter during office hours? The BHS will be holding an Adopt-a-Thon at the shelter. We’ll be open 11am until 8 p.m. both days so come on over and see all the lovely animals we have available.

All animals will be adopted out at $10.00 each and every adopter will receive a coupon for a free spay/neuter for another animal. Please pass the word on to your friends, family, co-workers, strangers on the street… we have 321 animals looking for homes!

If you’d like to volunteer for one evening or both (walking dogs about, helping new adopters meet their prospective adoptees, guiding prospective adopters to their best match, and more), please contact the BHS at 323-5138. If you’re able to donate drinks or finger foods for the evenings, that would be greatly appreciated.

How can you help?

1. Spread the word! Forward this email to as many people as you think may be interested. Print out the attached flyers and hang them at your place of work, residence, shopping areas, anywhere! Check out the event at Facebook, share it with friends and invite them. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances and any strangers you may meet!

2. Adopt! I know many of you receiving this have pets already. Can you add one more to your household? There are over 1,000 people receiving this email. If even half of you adopt, we’d be out of animals (only briefly, I’m sure, as we’re always having animals surrendered).

3. Volunteer! We are looking for people to help volunteer on the two days of the Adopt-A-Thon, walking dogs, showing off cats, helping with paperwork, answering phones. If you have a couple of hours, please come down and help out. Can you make sandwiches or munchies to help feed our volunteers? Please let me know!

4. Donate! As you can imagine, with over 300 animals, we are going through a lot of pet food and kitty litter. It also costs to keep the staff paid, the buildings maintained, the water running, and the electricity and phones on. If all of you were donate $10.00 or more, that would go a long way to helping us keep our doors open and services running. We would greatly appreciate your support.

Did you know? Along with our dogs and puppies, cats and kittens for adoption, we also have five hamsters, five rabbits, a few ducks and chickens, as well as two ponies.