Shelter Wishlist

We go through a lot of food, litter, and laundry caring for up to 300 animals every day! Canned cat and dog food, litter, towels, fleece blankets and bleach are at the top of our wish list- but there’s plenty more we could use! If you see anything on this list you can provide, please do. Donations can be dropped off at the shelter during business hours.

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”250|50|250″ colalign=”left|left”]
Animal Wishes, ,Cleaning/Office Supplies
Wet/canned cat food, ,Bleach
Wet/canned dog food, ,Washing detergent
Dry kitten food – Purina only, , Dishwashing liquid
Dry dog food, , Scrub brushes – small and large
Fleece Blankets, , Ballpoint pens
KMR Kitten milk – canned or powdered, , Brooms
Esbilac Puppy milk – canned or powdered, , Mops
Nursing kits for kittens and puppies, , Handsoap/Refills
Goats milk – canned, , Handsanitizers/Refills
Dog and Cat Treats, ,Tall Kitchen Trash Bags – 13 gallons
Cat litter, , Black Trash Bags – 30 gallons
Towels, , Papertowels
Dog and Cat beds, , Markers
Dog and Cat toys, , Sharpies
Stainless steel dog bowls – 2 and 4 quarts, , Scotch Tape
Stainless steel Cat bowls – 1 quart and not tippable, , Duct Tape
Cat litter pans – small/large/Xtra large, , Clear Packing Tape
Litter scoopers – flat edge, , Copy paper – letter and legal size
Cat scratching posts/cardboard scratchers, , Masking Tape
Cat trees, , Ink – HP/Canon (we can let you know the models)
Cosy dog and cat beds – esp for cold winter nights, ,
Cases of Friskies – pate dinners (cats), ,
Cases of Fancy Feast – Liver and chicken feast (cats), ,