The "Who Let The Dogs Out" Spay Program is Back!

 In this photo is one of the 10 dogs neutered from the Chippingham area in the first week of the program. From left to right Mr Vernon Nairn and “Cloud”, Ambulance Driver Beulah and Insp. Percy Grant BHS Manager.           

The “Who Let The Dogs Out” Spay & Neuter Program has returned and reached Chippingham. Mr Stephen Turnquest Director of he Bahamas Humane Society said that residents of the Chippingham community can breathe a sigh of relief, this program will remain in chippingham for the month of June. All persons who have un-neutered dogs in Chippingham are welcome to come and have them spayed or neutered at the shelter. There will be walk a bouts through out the community by officers from the Humane Society and the Department of Agriculture’s K-9 Control Unit. Humane education falls under Insp. Percy Grant’s portfolio, he said and this program is also about educating the community about being responsible animal owners and for the public to be more community minded. Persons who do not want their dogs can have them removed by the Agriculture’s K-9 Control Unit, this way they will not be a nuisance to their neighbors, pedestrians or vehicular traffic. Mr Turnquest said there are too many roaming dogs on this Island and it is becoming common on the Family Islands, people are just  breeding dogs and there is no market for them, most of them end up on our streets. We need the government to seriously lookat and pass the new proposed “ Animal Control & Protection Act, as soon as possible, so we can regulate and control all the backyard dog breeding in this country. The Bahamas Humane Society is asking for your support and co-operation,please take this opportunity to have your dog spayed or neutered. Mr Turnquest said “Donations towards this ongoing program can be sent to The Bahamas Humane Society P.O.Box N-242 in care of “ Who LetThe Dogs Out” Spay & Neuter Program. ”