BHS Coronavirus Crisis

BHS Coronavirus Crisis

The Bahamas Humane Society is a charity, Nassau’s oldest.  We have been in our Chippingham location since 1947, tending to the dogs and cats and donkeys and chickens and turtles and more in our care.  As a charity, we rely on our veterinary clinic, our Thrift Shop, our fundraisers, and donations from people like you.

With the government’s Emergency Orders of March 19, 2020:

  • Fundraisers (i.e. large gatherings) are NOT possible
  • Our Thrift Shop is CLOSED until the Orders come to an end
  • Our vet clinic attendance is down (but still open, by appointment ONLY)

Our only major funding source left is YOU.


  • If you are not yet a BHS member, consider becoming one, along with a donation
  • If you are a lapsed/expired member, make now – today – your time to renew
  • If you are a current member, consider an additional donation

With your support, the Bahamas Humane Society WILL make it through this shutdown and be able to be around for 95 more years on the other side.

How to donate:

  • By bank transfer (best  method: Bahamas Humane Society – First Caribbean, Corporate Banking Centre (24667) Acct # 1086176 Swift Code: FCIBBSNS – also email to say it is en route, please)
  • By credit card (next best, by email or phone 323-5138)
  • By cheque (P.O. Box N-242, though the mail service is spotty, or hand deliver)
  • By cash (not recommended right now but we won’t turn you down!)

How to become a member: Membership fees are $30 individual; $75 family; $10 junior (under 18);  $1,000 life; and $500 corporate.  Fees can be submitted by any of the above methods.  Please also email along with to confirm payment.  The membership form is attached and also available here:

Thank you with all our hearts, and fuzzy paws, from The Bahamas Humane Society.