BHS Summer Camp & more

The BHS Summer Camp begins this week.  The June 22nd week is already full but space is still available in the July 6 – 9 week and July 20 – 24 week.  Camp starts at 9 a.m., ends at noon.  Campers learn about animal care and have hands-on fun with the BHS adoption animals.  Ages 6 – 13, $125/week, payable in advance to reserve your spot.
2015 Summer Camp
The 100 Person Challenge is underway!  This intensive fundraising challenge hopes to find 100 people or companies willing to donate $1,000 (or more) each in order to provide a much-needed boost to the BHS financial situation.  Progress to date: 34/100 people and companies!  Thank you so much to all those who have contributed so far!  If you are interested in joining this challenge and becoming a 100 Person Donor, please contact a BHS Board member or Percy Grant, Shelter Manager.
Don’t forget with summer fast approaching to keep plenty of fresh water available for your pets.  Also be sure to bring drinking water for the dog with you when you go to the beach.  Your dog cannot drink the sea water.  Avoid strenuous exercise at the hottest times of day.  Dogs can quickly overheat and the pavement is very hot on their paws.